Sustainable MHM to Empower Women (SMHM)

We aim to create awareness and empower women with knowledge and skill to switch to a sustainable alternative for mhm.

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Janata Clinic is a Social Health Movement designed to create awareness and education about non-communicable diseases, health rights, and women’s health. Through this campaign, SMHM, we aim to create awareness of issues related to menstrual hygiene and its management practices, and empower women with knowledge and skill to switch to a healthier and ecofriendly alternative for their menstrual hygiene management.



Our primary objective is to advocate on improving current practices and promote sustainable alternatives that do not pose risk to sexual and reproductive health of women. Other objectives are as follows:

  • To create awareness about health impacts of disposable or plastic pads among a minimum of female students studying in schools
  • To transfer skills of reusable pad making to 20 housewives in marginalized communities and support an extra earning
  • To create an open platform for discussion on menstrual hygiene issues


Scope of Work

In achieving the greater objective of this project, we aim to do the following in the six months project timeframe:

  • Awareness and Education
    • Outreach programs to communicate our campaign with awareness sessions in schools and colleges (1 hour sessions)
    • Video screening
  • Skill Enhancement and Empowerment
    • Train housewives in collaboration with local governing bodies and community leaders at different locations to make reusable cloth pads (2 days training, 3 hours each day)
    • Conduct workshops on quality control of reusable cloth pads
    • Create a market for trained pad makers to sell their products and earn from their skills.
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