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We are making nepal's first uncensored anonymous discussion board for everyone!

Rs 25,000Funding Goal
Rs 1,520Collected

NPChan is an anonymous discussion (image)board for Nepal, where anyone can create new threads(posts), and reply to them without creating account or revealing their identity.

NPChan is Nepal's version of anonymous discussion image board such as 4chan and 8chan. However, NPChan won't be limited to just "discussion board".

Screenshot of Homepage (Early Version, might not be same on final version)

What we promise to deliver?

1. An Fully Fledged Anonymous Discussion Board with all the features of 4chan and 8chan. (See below for full feature listing for discussion board features)

2. Nepali Urban Dictionary and Encyclopedia

3. NPChan Chat: Public and Private Chatting service which packs all the features of popular messaging services like text, stickers, emoji, picture and video sharing.

4. Nepali Internet Database: A collection of all the possible Nepali websites and services and an archive for Nepal.

NPChan is just our first step to make Nepali Internet more broad, more independent of foreign services and to provide services Nepalese people need by Nepalese people.

Discussion Board Features:

0. Fully Free! No Hidden Fees, No premium features, all get served with all the features we provide for free!

1. Create New Threads (Posts) and Replies without any account creation.

2. No Personal Information asked or required to access any features.

3. Supported Files: JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBM, MP4 upto 12MB per file.

4. Multi-Theme: Classic Yotsuba Theme to New Modern Material Design, also users can create their own theme for site.

5. Full Freedom: Unless you are posting anything illegal, we allow everything to post. We will never "Edit" any of your posts and replies (exception: for illegal contents, which gets deleted not "edited").

6. No Captcha for Nepalese Users: Anyone posting from Nepalese IP Address will not be served with Captcha verification.

7. No Advertisements That Track You: No Google Ads or any third party ads will be featured on NPChan. NPChan will completely run out of donation amount and few local promotional banners (which will not contain any trackers and will be very minimal to keep NPChan free of ads)

8. NPChan API: A easy and free API to let anyone willing to create their NPChan client on any platform. No restriction (if it doesn't uses NPChan for illegal purposes or to harm NPChan in any way)

9. 40+ Boards: Each board will feature a separate topic for you to discuss on. NPChan will have all the popular boards from other image boards as well as will include boards customized for Nepali Trend.

10. Overboard: Bookmark boards you are interested in and get your homepage with only the posts from boards you like.

11. NSFW Filter: Enables you to view NPChan in "Safe Mode" which fliters you adult contents (images and posts) off your screen.

12. File Deletion: You can delete the posts you made immediately if anything is wrong or you want to back off from your opinion.

13. Fair Moderation: We will delete the posts if and only if it violates current law of Nepal and your current country. Nothing else will be deleted. We will have pretty open rules.

14. For Adult and for Minors: NPChan discussion board will be for "Adult Only" and we will show a warning so that other features we provide such as "Internet Database" will be accessible by everyone.

Why Donation? Have you approached anyone?

We want NPChan be independent of its own and we do not want your online freedom be censored by anyone. NPChan will never be associated with any company and will never add "partners" or "investors". We do not want NPChan be a money hungry website and will just accept kind donations from people with no strings attached.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I want to help but can't donate money (due to my own reasons) is there anything I can do to help?

ANS: Yes, we understand not everyone has enough money to donate to some random project on internet made by people you don't know. But, you can still help us without donating money. After we bring back NPChan services back again, you can help us by posting quality posts and replies, and sharing NPChan to your friends. If we can just get enough people to use NPChan, it will make us happy enough.

2. This project is less likely to complete its goal. Does this mean NPChan will not be back until full goal is reached?

Ans: No, NPChan will be online as soon as we finish our redesign despite any relation to donations we receive. NPChan will continue its services, even if we do not get any donation from our own pocket and will never force anyone to charge for our services.

3. I know Programming, can I help on your script?

Ans: Yes. NPChan will provide its source code very soon on GitHub and you can help us develop new features, fix bugs or just simply suggest new features.

Another way to help is by making NPChan Client for different devices. NPChan will provide a free and open API to anyone willing to make a client for NPChan. Please contact us via email to know more!

4. When will you deliver the above promises?

Ans: NPChan's anonymous discussion board will be available to public again in Jestha (1st if possible) and all other features will be developed soon after. However, we cannot promise you that you get ALL the features mentioned above on launch date. NPChan will get updated daily and new features will be added daily to be as close as our goal.

5. What's in it for me?

Ans: Sadly, we cannot offer you "Premium Services" as we already promised there will be no premium services.

6. Reward Delivery?

Ans: Since we are accepting donation to bring a service back online, biggest reward is NPChan itself. All money donated here will be put to use on NPChan's server, domain and advertisement cost. The more money we collect, the longer we can keep our server running and NPChan will be ad free.


Donating for NPChan will not provide you with any special ability or control over NPChan. We are only accepting donations and not investment. If you don't want to donate, its fine and no one is forcing you to do so. We will happily put NPChan online even if NO donation is received, a small donation will help us just to headstart our project and will let us focus on developing site more and worry about financial problems later. Please consider this before donating.

NameDonate AmountDate
Sushant Bajracharya1002018-05-08
Saroj Khatiwada10002018-05-17
Amigo Khadka1002018-05-23
Avishek Shrestha1002018-05-30
Shirish Bhatarai2002018-05-23