Antya Ko Suruwat ( Begining of the End )

Antya ko suruwat is the little hope in which every one is living.

Rs 25,000Funding Goal
Rs 501Collected

Sooner or later, we all have to leave this world no matter what. What can you take when you die? You can`t take the wealth you accumulated and you can`t take the ones you love too. But you can take your memories with you. Memories of you traveling to strange places, memories of that time when it felt so good helping someone, memories of the time spent with your loved ones and so on.

A piece of my heart left this world and left me empty. My sister, she was the most amazing person in this world. Death made me realize how fragile our life actually is and there is no point in being sad, instead, let`s make memories and die without regrets.

By traveling all 75 districts by foot, I want to spread love, be friends with strangers and enjoy the time of my life. If I die I am sure I will live in their memories. We all can be alive even after death, not in real but in imagination, in someone's memory.

So far, I have traveled 30 districts in 175 days and I am still moving forward. I have been able to travel all these time through the contribution and help from friends and friends of friends and help from stranger who are now my family. I want to thank my partner who believed in my journey.

NameDonate AmountDate
Avishek Shrestha5012017-08-10