Manjushree Trail

An odyssey to discover a hidden trail that connects the hills of kathmandu valley in a circuit.

Rs 30,000Funding Goal
Rs 30,350Collected

What is the Manjushree Trail?

The Manjushree Trail is a 14 day bushwhacking and trailblazing hike around the hills of Kathmandu Valley in order to find a single trail that connects all the hills around the Kathmandu Valley. The plan is to:

  1. Walk: Three of us will walk the entire stretch in one go. We will be going through sections that are both marked or unmarked in the map and camping throughout the trail.
  2. Map: While on our hike, we will mark the walking trail, camping sites, water sources, mountain views, dangerous areas and other information. The idea to is to collect enough information while walking so that anyone interested should be able to retrace the steps again.
  3. Share: And then, we will share the information that we collect during this hike through a long blog post, daily social media updates and HoneyGuide’s Trekking in Nepal app. The purpose is to promote the Manjushree trail as a viable and desirable hike among outdoor enthusiasts.

Why would anyone do a 14 day hike?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, but when taking on a challenge with a high degree of difficulty, it has something to do with purpose. The purpose is to promote the Manjushree trail as a desirable hike among outdoor enthusiasts.

This trail can be a test of personal will and strength to someone or to experience an unadulterated sense of freedom to someone else. To someone who is fed up of the chaos caused by civilization, this trail could be a good rolling of the feet to ease the mind.

Through this trail, we are attempting and pushing the camping and hiking culture towards a forward direction. While we agree the hiking culture is building strong among youths and outdoor enthusiasts, we believe that the creation of camping culture would act as the extra fuel that would burn the flames of wanderlust within the enthusiasts even brighter.

Why should you care?

  1. Promote Camping and Hiking Culture: Reconnecting with nature helps people lead healthier lives and get away from the stress of modern day living in Kathmandu. If only there were a place where people could find relevant and authoritative information on the trails, more people would venture out and experience the freedom of the hills. If you think this should happen, here is your chance to make it happen!
  2. Promote Sustainable and Responsible Hiking/Camping: Throughout the hike, we will also bring to light the impact of human beings on nature by posting images of rubbish we find along the way. The purpose is to make a statement that it is not cool to throw away your trash in nature.

Key Deliverables

  1. Daily Social Media Posts: We will be posting about our day throughout the trip so you can find out about amazing places, views or simply how our day went.
  2. Blog Post after the Trip: We will be detailing our 14 day hike in a blog post immediately after the trip. This will be a very subjective travelogue about our adventures, misfortunes, exuberance and disappointments during the hike. We promise you will thoroughly enjoy it!
  3. Manjushree Trail in HoneyGuide's Trekking in Nepal App: The data we collect about the hike including the GPS tracks on trail and camping sites will all be used to create a hike in the Trekking in Nepal Mobile app by HoneyGuide. In addition to the Manjushree Trail, HoneyGuide is also covering all the day hikes in the hills of Kathmandu. The content will include Basic information on the Hike, GPS Track of the Trail, Route Description, Place Description, Camping Sites, Water Sources, Mountain Finder, Information on Services, Emergency Information and Safety Information, Information on Attractions and Sights along the trail, and Map.

The Team Members

Sushant Bajracharya started solo traveling from the age of 19. He likes to sleep under the stars and poop in the wild. He is a business major student but knows a thing or two about coding. He wishes to summit MT Everest in 2043 AD.

Siddhant Kapali is a Photographer, Videographer and Graphic designer ready to create content and document the whole journey.

Suman Dhakal has traveled solo as far as Manasalu. His idol is Christopher McCandless. He has hiked solo in the United States(Grand Canyon is his favourite). By profession, he is a programmer but always enjoys being in the wild and enjoying nature to its fullest.

Partnering Organizations

  1. HoneyGuide is a community of mountain lovers where you can plan your trek/hike by connecting directly with other trekkers, lodge owners and trek leaders. HoneyGuide also has a mobile app which has comprehensive and detailed information on the Everest and Annapurna Regions of Nepal from flowers to mountains to festivals. Currently, HoneyGuide is also involved in the Kathmandu Mandala Project which is going to map all the day hikes around the Kathmandu Valley. It is a project led by students taking a gap year and supported by HoneyGuide.
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Contact: sussyoung9[at]

The Route

Day 1: Kakani - Gurje Bhanjyang - Bagdwaar

Day 2: Bagdwar - Chisapani

Day 3: Chisapani - Jhule - Nagarkot

Day 4: Nagarkot - Dhulikhel

Day 5: Dhulikhel - Balthali

Day 6: Balthali - Khopasi - Malpi - Kushadevi

Day 7: Kushadevi - Phulchoki - Lele

Day 8: Lele - Dukuchap

Day 9: Dukuchap - Dakchinkali - Pharping - Hattiban Resort

Day 10: Hattiban Resort - Chandragiri

Day 11: Chandragiri - Nagdhunga - Bhimdhunga

Day 12: Bhimdhunga - Tinpiple

Day 13: Tinpiple - Kakani


Our list of gears and their sponsors

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